Snapchat Spectacles: it's not about tech, it's about marketing
While the whole world is thinking about applications in VR/AR, developing devices and trying to simplify virtual reality glasses, Snapchat changed gear. And they made a great campaign out of it too. Mixed reactions: of course, it's new and it's a bold move to think you're going to outdo Google (we all remember what happened with Google Glass, right?) So why should this one be different?
WebSummit 2016: why Lisbon is cool and other take-aways
Here's what we've learned at the Web Summit (the Video edition)
1. Lisbon is cool
It wasn't clear why the Web Summit decided to shift from its hometown Dublin to the sunny side of Europe. But once arrived in Lisbon it became very clear. Lisbon is looking at startups for its economic relance. Lisbon says it's not Dublin, but it's very hard trying to do its best to be better than Lisbon.


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