Why everyone needs a platform in the digital economy
It's not a secret that all of the high-valued companies in the startup world are all platforms. AirBnB has a platform accomodating 60 Million guests worldwide without owning any rooms and Uber has 1 million trips every day without owning any cars. These platform interact between users and drivers, or guests and renters. These companies make millions by facilitating the interactions between users instead of producing and selling goods or services to consumers.
WebTomorrow 2016: this is what we've learned
Yesterday was all about digital: all digital experts and experts in the making gathered to share knowledge and participate in inspiring sessions or just to have a talk over lunch. The program was stacked with interesting talks, but we’ve selected three sessions of which we would like to share our learnings.


Integrating a Learning Management System is important when you digitize your L&D strategy. But the options are numerous and there's so much to keep in mind. Need some help with that? Join us and get some advice from our Learning & Talent Management Solutions Consultant.